cookielaa3 (cookielaa3) wrote in billie_joe_fans,

billie joe armstrong is a faggot an all you on ere r 2
haha losers
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haha no problem an by your icon it tells me all i need to know bout you haha

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um yeah spendin all your time on da ere droolin ova some fag who u will neva av a chance wiv


December 28 2009, 22:00:54 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  December 28 2009, 22:01:47 UTC

Aren't you from England?
Shouldn't you be able to write in English? Didn't your country spawn the language?

Also, "faggot" is a hate word you limey twat! Even if you don't agree with homosexuality, saying stuff like that isn't very good.

But hey, I am going to show some Christmas "charity" on you, as you are so desperate for attention, you're parents and siblings are not showing you any affection because of your heinous taste in pre-packaged "I listen to what the glowing box tells me to do" music.

Now, some advice: your attention that you have retained is not the kind a young person like yourself should seek, however, you have found it. Please go spam someone else, somewhere else.

Keep us updated on how puberty treats you. hope your eyebrow becomes eyebrows too.

Dirty limey!


December 27 2009, 23:02:27 UTC 7 years ago

There are also those who just support homosexuality but aren't homosexual themselves. So quit assuming people are gay just because they support it. They're called "allies" and there needs to be more of them.

Go off and do something productive rather than spamming a community with your homophobic remarks. Quit wasting our time.


December 27 2009, 22:58:01 UTC 7 years ago

Takes one to know one. Just come out of the closet already asshole.
well it does say you can post anything about billie
haha dosent say it has to be good haha
wow i thought this would of been deleted by now

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oh kk

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i cant delete it lmfao

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i no im just not gonna haha
yeah im lame an have no life
your the one who is waiting on me posting comments on this , just so yo can fight back an pretend 2 be all tough haha loser

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yeah your bored whatever this is probobly the highlight of your day
haha fags


November 14 2010, 01:29:52 UTC 6 years ago

U bum fuck sheep dude.....go get your rubber boots u fukin gypsy, u prolly cry when u madterbate
okay noted B>
BTW I'll love him even more than ever cause of this.
so it's soooo bad that I disappoint you.
Thx for let me know the cheering news ~~~