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Billie Joe Armstrong Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Billie Joe Armstrong Fans

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[03 Apr 2011|05:28pm]


36 | Peter Pan.

05 | Billie Joe Armstrong.
01 | Matt Damon.
05 | Emma Watson.
01 | Morgana (Merlin BBC) → requested by eternalkanda.
02 | Helena Bonham Carter.
01 | Bellatrix Lestrange.

+ 8 blends/collages :D
02 | Matt Damon.
03 | Emma Watson.
03 | Billie Joe Armstrong.

01 | Matt Damon edit ^-^
01 | Billie Joe .gif banner (ft. his recent ovary-exploding Viva la Gloria camera rape ^-^)


HERE @ xsecondstar ^-^
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wallpaper! [02 Jan 2011|08:52pm]

Hope you like them! ♥

01 | Billie Joe Armstrong.
03 | Star Wars.
11 | Emma Watson.
03 | Matt Damon.
01 | Peter Pan.

HERE @ xsecondstar ♥
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[01 Oct 2010|11:06am]

Hi everyone. I bring some Green Day (really they're just Billie Joe :P) icons, among others, for your viewing and snagging pleasure. ^.^

Rent (Movie)
35 x icon

25 x icons

Green Day
40 x icons

This way for the rest of them @ my LJ...

x-posted @ greenday_fans and green_day_rocks

If you like any of these, feel free to grab, just remember to credit... :)
And as always comments = BJA!love ^.^
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graphics. [02 Aug 2010|10:21am]

A nice bunch of graphics, all made up of Billie Joe Armstrong. <3
32 | icons.
01 | wallpaper.
02 | banners.

HERE @ xsecondstar
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[24 Jul 2010|12:26am]

20 | billie joe armstrong.
20 | harry potter & the philosopher's stone.
+ 1 chamber of secrets.
02 | peter pan.
03 | (remakes of previous icons)

05 | billie joe armstrong.
04 | harry potter.
02 | empire of the sun. (picspam)

03 | billie joe armstrong.

HERE @ xsecondstar
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Green Day tattoos. [17 Feb 2010|07:32pm]

Would YOU ever get a Green Day tattoo?

Read more...Collapse )
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I guess I have too much free time. [31 Jan 2010|11:38am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys (:
I haven't posted on livejournal in a while, I've been kind of lazy with my photoshop lately.
But in the past week I've made a few icons. Well, maybe a little more than a few. 100 to be exact.
I've never made so many icons before, I usually made about 30 or less, so this is pretty exciting.
And yes, they're all Billie Joe Armstrong. I'm weak for his gorgeous photos.
And there's 130 days left until the Green Day concert in Munich. I can't wait. It's gonna be wild.
Well, enough talking (actually, writing); here are the icons. Hope I don't kill you.



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[24 Jan 2010|10:29am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

i love all the amazing icons posted here, they're like omg <3
i was just wondering, where do you guys get such awsome BJ / Green Day pics? I can't find them anywhere, but I'd really love some.

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Green Day Rock Band [30 Dec 2009|03:51pm]

[ mood | cold ]

So as I'm sure most of you already know Green Day is coming out with their own Rock Band game. Here is a small article from MTV on the details of the game AND a little video of what to except!! Looks awesome to me!!


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[30 Dec 2009|06:23pm]


none of u will ever get a chance with this fag your all drooling over haha

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[26 Dec 2009|06:10pm]

billie joe armstrong is a faggot an all you on ere r 2
haha losersbillie joeCollapse )
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20 Billie Joe Armstrong icons [20 Dec 2009|04:09pm]


[01-20] Billie Joe Amrstrong


HERE @ foreverxago 

feel free to join!
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Billie Joe Armstrong Comm Pimping [22 Nov 2009|10:23pm]

Just want to re-pimp a Billie Joe Comm for those who missed it the first time!!!!!

Myself and [info]strych9_twitch created another Billie Joe comm. We figured there could never be to many of them!! Feel free to join!!


Thanks guys!!
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[28 Oct 2009|08:28pm]

Total count: 32

18 ~ Green Day + 6 Banners
08 ~ Charlie Winston
06 ~ Heath Ledger

Please note:
~Please credit (how to?)
~No hotlinking please!
~Don't steal or edit and claim as yours
~Entry will be locked after a few days!
~Comments are really appreciated :)
~Enjoy :)


Here at pink_panther91

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American Idiot After Party pics [13 Oct 2009|10:01am]

[ mood | cold ]

Pics of Billie and Adie at the American Idiot Music after party can be seen here

Sneak Preview

Source: politeinpublic.com

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Comm Pimp [07 Oct 2009|10:59pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I really hope this is okay. If not, mod, please feel free to delete. No hard feelings.

Myself and strych9_twitch created another Billie Joe comm. We figured there could never be to many of them!! Feel free to join!!


Thanks guys!! 

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20 Green Day Icons [24 Sep 2009|03:34pm]


The rest are HERE.

Also, a reminder to all the Green Day loving icon makers out there-please go join gdicontest! We could definitely user some more active members.
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Green Day + NRDC [24 Sep 2009|11:52am]

[ mood | working ]


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[21 Sep 2009|06:48pm]


+ 1-7 Challenges
+ 8-27 Green Day
+ 28-37 CSI: Miami
+ 38-56 Pokémon
(I know, Pokémon right? But I've been watching episodes for old times sake and wanted to make icons. xD Oh and Jessie/James ftw.)

Oh and just to recap, I always update my HORATIO and GREEN DAY Iconaday tables, so if you want to check those out too, that'd be awesome. xD 


You can find the rest HERE at my LJ. :D
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American Idiot Musical [18 Sep 2009|12:46pm]


Here is an article by Rolling Stone on the American Idiot Musical! I think it sounds awesome! Wish I could see it!



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