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36 | Peter Pan.

05 | Billie Joe Armstrong.
01 | Matt Damon.
05 | Emma Watson.
01 | Morgana (Merlin BBC) → requested by eternalkanda.
02 | Helena Bonham Carter.
01 | Bellatrix Lestrange.

+ 8 blends/collages :D
02 | Matt Damon.
03 | Emma Watson.
03 | Billie Joe Armstrong.

01 | Matt Damon edit ^-^
01 | Billie Joe .gif banner (ft. his recent ovary-exploding Viva la Gloria camera rape ^-^)


HERE @ xsecondstar ^-^
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Hi everyone. I bring some Green Day (really they're just Billie Joe :P) icons, among others, for your viewing and snagging pleasure. ^.^

Rent (Movie)
35 x icon

25 x icons

Green Day
40 x icons

This way for the rest of them @ my LJ...

x-posted @ greenday_fans and green_day_rocks

If you like any of these, feel free to grab, just remember to credit... :)
And as always comments = BJA!love ^.^
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20 | billie joe armstrong.
20 | harry potter & the philosopher's stone.
+ 1 chamber of secrets.
02 | peter pan.
03 | (remakes of previous icons)

05 | billie joe armstrong.
04 | harry potter.
02 | empire of the sun. (picspam)

03 | billie joe armstrong.

HERE @ xsecondstar

I guess I have too much free time.

Hey guys (:
I haven't posted on livejournal in a while, I've been kind of lazy with my photoshop lately.
But in the past week I've made a few icons. Well, maybe a little more than a few. 100 to be exact.
I've never made so many icons before, I usually made about 30 or less, so this is pretty exciting.
And yes, they're all Billie Joe Armstrong. I'm weak for his gorgeous photos.
And there's 130 days left until the Green Day concert in Munich. I can't wait. It's gonna be wild.
Well, enough talking (actually, writing); here are the icons. Hope I don't kill you.


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i love all the amazing icons posted here, they're like omg <3
i was just wondering, where do you guys get such awsome BJ / Green Day pics? I can't find them anywhere, but I'd really love some.
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