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billie_joe_fans's Journal

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Billie Joe Armstrong Fans
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Here it is! The Billie Joe Armstrong Live Journal Community.

This is a place for you to post anything to do with Billie Joe Armstrong. The Angelic singer of the band Green Day.

Feel free to post pictures you have found of him of the internet. Just one rule there, YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT. Make sure to link the picture. If you fail to do that, your picture will be deleted.

Post your past Green Day concert experiences. Was it great? Or did it suck? In all likely hood, it probably didn't. Did Billie Joe do something or say something that was sexy or made you melt at the knees? Post it!

A run in with Billie Joe? Post it! Make us all jealous! Did you meet him? Get to talk to him? TOUCH him? Or..or were you extremely blessed and got to..well, yanno? **Wink, Wink**

And last but not least, FANTASIES! Every girl that likes him has at one point had a fantasy about him. Don't lie. Not necessarily sexual, but you have. So, post them! Let us all know how you really feel about Billie Joe.

Rules Of The Community Always make everything better, but hey I'm not going to be like those other uptight communities that get ass hurt if you post something off topic. Go ahead, post off topic if you feel like it! Promote a community, tell us about stuff going on in your life, or ask advice. Just remember, this is still a Billie Joe Fans community, so in the midst of all the other stuff, remember to at least write SOMETHING Billie Joe.

Here are some basic rules....

1.) Have fun! Be crazy! No shame. Post just whatever you're feeling at the time about Billie Joe.

2.) When you join, post a little about yourself. Not your biography. (Unless you want to) Just a few quick facts. And why you like Billie Joe. Is it his crazy personality. His eyes? His voice? His amazing ability to write lyrics. Whatever it may be tell us.

3.) Like I said before, if you post a picutre, be sure to link the page you found it from. Also, if you're posting a picture of great size, or numerous pictures. Be sure to use the LJ Cut Tag It messes up some people's friend's view to have a picture of great size

4.) Be nice. If somebody has an opinion you don't agree with, and you wish to leave a comment.. Please handle it an a orderly fashion. I do allow a lot in this community others probably wouldn't, but that is one thing I will not tolerate. If it gets out of hand, I will have to take action. Either by telling you not to do it again, or banning you from the community. And if it is absolutely neccessary (I hope I don't have to) I'll report you and possibly have you account deleted. So please be civil.

I think that just about wraps it tp. I hope you join and have fun.

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